We started supplying 100% Renewable electricity to the main office building of Setagaya WardOffice.

We started supplying 100% Renewable electricity to the main office building of Setagaya Ward Office.
Switching to renewable energy 100% power by local governments is the first in the country. (Our investigation)
In April, we started offering a home equivalent plan.

Zero Watt Power is a retail electricity supplier that uses renewable energy as a power source, achieving “zero annual CO2 emission factor” in the power supply configuration in FY2016. We worked to promote the spread of renewable energy using non-fossil fuels.

In the power supply to the Setagaya Ward government office building this time, Zero Watt Power made a contract to supply non-FIT renewable energy, and planned annual power consumption will be approximately 2.2 million kWh, carbon dioxide emissions expected in one year. The amount reduction effect is equivalent to approximately 998 y-CO2 / year (the amount of carbon dioxide emissions absorbed by plants is equivalent to approximately 39 Tokyo Domes, 181 ha when converted to forest area), leading to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

It is a new initiative ahead of the whole country that local governments use “100% renewable energy” electricity throughout the year, and it can be extended to local governments all over the country that aim to reduce environmental impact and the people who live there. It is expected.

Similarly, from April this year at Zero Watt Power, we started accepting two plans, “100% renewable energy” and “zero CO2 emission” power plans, for home and low-voltage power.

The contents of the plan are as follows.

"Zero carbon +"
Power supply configuration of only renewable energy such as biomass and hydropower.

"Zero carbon"
Making the CO2 emission factor zero in the power supply configuration combined with FIT electricity by using J-credit, a non-fossil certificate that certifies GHG emission reductions and removals.

From now on, Zero Watt Power will provide you with the power of 100% non-FIT renewable energy, which is a new option.

At the same time, we will make further efforts to promote the spread of non-FIT renewable energy in order to increase the percentage of renewable energy in the entire power source.