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  It is said that "Earth and Venus are sister planets", however, there are significant difference between the main components of the atmosphere of Earth and Venus. While the main constituent of Venus' atmosphere is over 96% carbon dioxide, Earth's is 78% nitrogen and 20% oxygen dioxide. As a result, it is thought that on the earth, life forms including plants have been created and have been building the natural environment such as the present atmosphere and water for hundreds of millions of years by these organisms.
  We humankind have built civilization in the global environment created by E arth's early living organisms. Looking at the present earth, the human civilization celebrated the era of mass consumption of fossil fuel energy, especially after the Industrial Revolution and global warming gas far beyond carbon dioxide absorption capacity by plants and green algae is released. The mass emission of global warming gas is causing the rapid climate change due to the rapid increase of global warming gas.
  We are sorry for the current state of this global environment, in order to tackle a big proposition saying that we contribute to the reduction of global warming gas as much as possible from the place we can do, We established zero watt power in March 2015. To this company name "Zero Watt Power", I am putting in my thought that "aim for electricity generation with zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions".
I believe that we will inevitably create new renewable energy sources, storage and transportation methods that will play a role in the next generation, by tackling the above proposition. We realize that we live on the eve of the new energy era.

Zero Watt Power. inc
Kazuhiko Sato

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Zero Watt Power. inc
Kashiwanoha Campus KOIL 603, Wakashiba 178-4, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba-ken, Japan. 277-0871
11,000,000 JP-Yen
Year 2015


By Train:3minutes walking from Kashiwanoha Campas Station (TX: Tsukuba Express)