Introduction of Zero Watt Power electric retail business

We conduct electric retail business.

Aiming at the diffusion of renewable energy

Zero Watt Power Company aims to promote renewable energy and has set its goal of suppressing global climate change.

For the purpose, we mainly supply electricity from biomass power plants and others utilizing thinned wood and waste oil, established through promotion of power plant.
We are aiming to utilize not only the earth but also the area friendly electricity.


What is electricity liberalization

Customer can choose the power supplier!!

Electricity supply was traditionally monopolized by local electric power companies.
Currently regulations are relaxed, it is now time to choose the purchaser of electricity freely.

It is necessary for electric power companies to provide services that meet customer's various needs, such as low cost electricity charges, eco-friendly electric power, energy saving proposals.
The time has come when the electric power company is chosen by customers.


Electricity characteristics of zero watt power

Power configuration focused on renewable energy

Zero watt power inc. supplies electricity centered on renewable energy.
Power generation by renewable energy such as solar power generation, biomass power generation, wind power generation, etc. is said to be useful for preventing global warming because it does not involve an increase in carbon dioxide during power generation.
Zero Watt Power provides electricity considering environmental preservation and future environmental restoration.


Proposal of cost reduction by zero watt power

Reduce costs by eco-friendly electricity

We propose to reduce electricity charges according to customer's usage situation.
Please contact us, we will send you an "electricity questionnaire" to confirm the usage situation.


Power quality is the same as in use

Unnecessary to worry about power failure, since the quality of power does not change.

We will use the transmission and distribution network of the general electric

utility company (local electric power company) you are using now, for electricity

supplied by our company.