Introduction of zero watt power business

Purchasing electricity from the power generation companies.

Zero watt power inc. is working to secure power supply. 

Because many customers are expecting electricity supply from our company, we need electricity from the power generation company.
Those who have renewable energy generation facilities, especially those who have renewable energy such as biomass, wind power, etc., please contact us.


Power configuration focused on Renewable energy

We are seeking renewable energy !!

Zero watt power is primarily providing renewable energy power.
We are seeking to sell electricity from renewable power plant owners such as wind power, biomass, small hydropower and geothermal power.


Aiming to build "renewable energy coalition" 

Provide renewable energy power to disaster areas !!

We are aiming to deliver electricity received from renewable energy power plants all over Japan to the disaster area of eastern Japan earthquake disaster.

We are hoping to use safe and clean electricity with low CO 2 coefficient.


We are seeking a 24 hour operational base power supply.

Biomass, geothermal power, small hydraulic power, wind power, garbage incineration etc.

Among renewable energy, we are mainly looking for a base power supply that can operate 24 hours a day.
We also have consultation as a valuable power source for waste incineration power generation.