Business Introduction

Zero Watt Power inc. proposes
environmentally friendly energy solution.

Please be introduced Zero Watt Power energy business.

We conduct electric retail business.

Aiming at the diffusion of renewable energy

Zero Watt Power inc. aims to promote renewable energy and has set its goal of suppressing global climate change.
For that purpose, we mainly supply electricity from biomass power plants and others utilizing thinned wood and waste oil, established through promotion of power plant.
We are aiming to utilize not only the earth but also the area friendly electricity.


We propose to adopt renewable energy.

Power station support from fuel procurement to power sale

Zero Watt Power inc. is making consultation on clean energy development by making full use of powerful knowledge on power generation. Total support will be provided from the fuel procurement business to the power generation promote business and      finding customers for electric power.


We are purchasing electricity from the power generation companies.

Zero watt power is working to secure power supply.

Currently zero-watt power is expected to be supplied by many customers, so we need electricity from the power generation company.
Those who have power generation facilities, especially those who have renewable energy such as biomass, wind power, etc.,

please feel free to contact us.